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Dining rooms are an important part of your home since this is where your family enjoys meals together. Your dining room also represents who you and your family are to guests that you entertain.

Paint colors for dining rooms along with décor should feel warm and inviting while resonating with your family’s sense of style. At the same time, the color you choose should not distract people from dinner or other dining room activities.

Have you have been wondering what color would be the best choice to make your dining room come alive? If so, then read on for 11 of the best paint colors for dining rooms.

1. Moody Gray

Gray is the color to choose if you are going for a modern or minimalist look. The best thing about gray walls is that they look great both during the day and at night. If you have interesting wall art, furniture, or sculptures then gray makes a great backdrop to display these items.

2. Terra Cotta

Terra cotta is a warm color that helps to create a friendly and homely atmosphere. This makes it one of the best paint colors for dining rooms if you want to create a cozy place for your friends and family to dine in.

3. Crisp White

If you have a contemporary home then white is the dining room paint color you should go for. White blends well with other colors so most likely it will look great with your present furniture and floors. White is the go-to color if you want a minimalist and spacious feel to your dining room.

4. Bubblegum Pink

The dining room can be the outlier in your home where you can add bold colors and décor as a visual break from the rest of the house. If this is your intention, then why not choose pink for your dining room wall?

If your dining room is extremely formal then pink can soften it by adding playfulness and childlike feel to the room. For your pink walls to stand out you should accent it with contrasting trim colors such as black, white, marigold or camel.

5. Forest Green

Green is a great color for formal or traditional style dining rooms. It looks especially great if you have dramatic crown moldings on your walls. Forest green is a great hue that you can pair with deep blue trims or red overlays and tablecloths for a fresh look. It is also one of the great paint colors for dining rooms that have crisp white marble or polished brass trims.

6. Midnight Black

Black is a bold paint color that many people shy away from. But it can make a great dining room color when used on one of the walls, as a half wall or as trim.

A dining room with the top half in white and the bottom in black can create a modern and edgy feel. If you and your family have an adventurous style then black is a great color to play with for your dining room walls.

7. Cantaloupe

Orange or cantaloupe is a great color for dining room walls. Looking at the color is enough to raise your feelings of joy and happiness. For the best mood shifting effect, you could pair it with green trims or green curtains. These are the colors of food and fruits which makes them perfect for your dining room.

8. Royal Blue

Some dining rooms have blue walls because it’s a very royal color. Use sapphire if you have a classic or formal dining room. To add a luxurious feel, you could add velvet wall upholstery in the same shade of blue.

For a unifiedmonochromatic look, the trim you choose can also be in a lighter shade of blue. Or you can add contrast and create interest by adding plum or yellow accents on your furniture or blinds. You could also use a plum or yellow trim.

9. High Gloss Brown

Glossy brown paint looks great on dining room walls especially when paired with cream. While traditional brown paint might appear drab getting a glossy hue will make your dining room look modern and glamorous.

To make the color pop, you can add white or cream moldings and trim as well as white blinds on any windows. Glossy brown walls also work well with cane or rattan chairs and white tables.

10. Sunny Yellow

The dining room is the happiest place in your house because that is where you eat your meals. Set a happy mood by painting the walls with a sunny yellow color.

Yellow goes surprisingly well with brown wooden furniture so it should work for most modern dining rooms. To make it more interesting you could pair it with blue trim or with curtains that have purple accents.

11. Cool Lavender

Lavender or violet is a rare color to see on dining room walls. Yet lavender walls look great especially in the daylight when sunlight bounces off of them.

Use different shades of violet on the walls and trim to bring out the colors. You could also use blue curtains on your windows to enhance the lavender walls.

Match the Best Paint Colors for Dining Rooms to Your Space

One of the easiest ways to transform or update your dining room is to change the color of its walls. But choosing dining room wall colors can be an overwhelming activity.

When choosing dining room paint, it is important to consider the color of your dining room furniture, floors, and the wall colors in the other rooms. Your preferred paint should be in harmony with the rest of your home. But the dining room allows you to be adventurous with design.

Go for colors that will make your and your family members happy when you enter the room. To make it easier, take into consideration your family’s sense of style when you are searching for the best paint colors for dining rooms.

If you need more ideas to help guide you to the perfect colors for your home or have a room you are ready to revamp, contact us today for a quote.

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