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There are literally hundreds of ways you can change the look of your room to make it a true reflection of yourself. You can experiment with different lighting schemes or various options for window treatment.

You can reorganize the room by changing your furniture layout or buying new furniture. Or you can simply put up some wall art, install a new carpet, create a gallery wall, bring in some plants, or hang a mirror. But one thing you usually cannot do is increase the size of the room. If your space feels cramped, you are more or less stuck with what you’ve got.

Most times when a room feels constricted, expanding its dimensions is typically not an option. But this doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with living in a claustrophobic space. That’s because, as Mike Dunfee team explains, even if you don’t realize it, how big or small a space feels is not always a matter of its actual size.

Interior designers know this and have all sorts of tricks they use to fool the human mind into thinking a space is larger than it actually is. One of those tools is color, the right colors in a room can make it brighter and bigger. To make that small room of yours feel more spacious, all you need is the right colors in it.


What are the colors you can use in a room to make it look brighter and bigger?

Bright White

kitchen with bright paint

This is often the first choice for making a room feel bigger, especially if it is bathed in natural light. But white can feel stark if it is not softened with bright colored décor, wooden flooring, and natural plants. Use this color properly and it will transform a small room from cramped to cozy.


This color delivers a look that is clean and uncluttered. Because it is soft on the eyes, it naturally feels inviting. It works best in rooms that do not have a lot of natural light. Putting it side-by-side with lively colors will create an even greater illusion of space.

Cool or Light Gray

If you would rather avoid the starkness of bright white, cool gray is a good alternative. It will open the room just like bright white, but cool gray adds a lot more character than white will. This color will make the room feel bigger than it is even with very little natural light. 

Dark Gray

Using dark gray in the room will remove and banish any feeling of clutter and create a clean lean look. Dark gray can stand on its own with or without elaborate furnishing because the color possesses its own innate elegance. Using dark gray in the room imposes a sense of quiet refuge. 

Pale Blues

Pale blue calls to mind the unbounded skies and vastness of the sea. It somehow suggests to the mind that there is more because the walls in the room appear to recede from the human eyes. This is in addition to the color being soothing and easy to pair with other colors.

Dark Blue

In a room with lots of natural lighting, dark blue on one of the walls will make a bold statement. Combining it with lighter shades on another wall will deliver the best results. The brighter shade will open the space and dark blue will draw attention away from its size.

Earthy Ochre

This color is soothing and infuses a room with a deep feeling of calm. If used in rooms with lots of sunlight, the yellow hues in the earthy ochre amplify the sun’s rays to create a more expansive space. This creates the optical illusion that the room is larger than it really is. 

Light green

Light green is vibrant and this singular quality will help to remove any feeling of tightness from a room.  Inside a light green-painted room, furniture and other contents feel smaller, while the room looms larger. Simultaneously, light green also has a calming effect on emotions.

Charcoal Black

In place of white, for rooms that do not have a lot of natural light, use charcoal black. It will transform it from stuffy to warm and cozy, especially when used to complement brighter color tones, such as light blue, white, or light tan paints.


This color is not as brilliant as bright white but has many of its effects. Because it lies somewhere around the intermediate point of the color spectrum, it combines the qualities of both light and bright colors. It is mood-lifting and calming, as it also appears to remove the confines of a space. 

Light Taupe

Light taupe borders on the edge of white without being white. It is a neutral color with rich tones that feel elegant and minimalistic. It is sophisticated in a quiet way and particularly effective for highlighting wall art or natural wood furniture. It makes a room feel airier and brighter.


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