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Ready to head back to the office after long days of working from home? Getting back to a shared office space is exciting, but you may be due for an upgrade. 

Though the days of Zoom calls seem to be dwindling, your office conference room may need an update. Especially if you’ve hardly stepped foot in your workspace in a year. 

But, no need to fret! Finding the right look to impress your clients and inspire your employees doesn’t have to be daunting. If you follow these tips, you’re on the way to refreshing your meeting space in no time.

Stick to Your Theme

The first step in discovering your revamped office conference room? Looking back at your company’s branding.

Follow Your Branding Guidelines

Branding is the style guide to any company’s vision. Sometimes these concepts are created by internal marketing employees or by external sources. But, they serve as an outline of how your company flows visually.

The easiest way to adhere to your branding when designing a fresh conference room is with paint! One option is to chat with your branding specialist to see what colors they recommend for your space.

Create Something New

If your company doesn’t have a cohesive brand yet, now may be the time to create one! Follow these quick steps to get started:

  1. Think about the values of your company
  2. Think about your target audience or demographic
  3. Find ways to connect your audience to your values
  4. Design a logo and template for company documents
  5. Pick colors that represent your values, audience, or product/service

If you’re just getting started, keep it simple and try to work through these in an hour or two. As far as the logo and document design, keep it simple!

Picking a Paint Color

Now that you’ve gathered your branding information, it’s time to decide on a color scheme for your meeting rooms. Ideally, you should have two or three colors from your branding materials that you’re considering for the paint.

To decide on the color to paint your walls, consider a few different elements:

  • How large the office meeting room is
  • The amount of natural light in the room
  • The amount of overhead light in the room
  • The types of meetings you host in the room

Each of these factors plays into picking a room color.

Large Meeting Spaces

If your office conference room is large, pick a neutral color that works with your scheme. This will help the room feel calm and welcoming to your clients. This is especially important if your meeting space has few windows and limited natural lighting. 

You can make the room feel more modern by including sleek tables and brightly colored chairs. The addition of soft lighting will also liven up the room. 

Softening the room is important if your conference room often holds trade shows or other large events. Walking around a fluorescent-lit room is the norm, but with warmer tones, you’ll set the new standard.

If your office conference room is large, you may also want to consider hiring a commercial painting company. They’ll work with your paint colors and vision to get your office back-in-business in no time. 

Small Meeting Spaces

To revitalize small conference rooms, consider adding an accent wall. Choose a neutral color for your conference room to paint three walls of your room. Then, pick a different color from your scheme to paint the fourth wall. 

To select an accent wall, think about where in the room receives the most light. If you want to paint a darker color on your accent wall, place it where the light will hit the majority of the time. If you want a brighter color, paint it on the second lightest wall for a balanced look

It’s not recommended to paint your accent wall on the wall with the most windows. This will chop up the color too much and maybe distracting for your clients and employees. 

Best Paint Quality

After carefully deciding on your paint color, you want to ensure your room looks the best it can. 

If you’re going back to your office soon, you may want to look into services that provide a commercial painting job. This will secure a high-quality paint job for years to come. 

But, if you’re a DIY-aficionado, here are a few tips for painting your conference room in a jiff. 

Prepare Your Walls

The first step to having beautiful walls is to prep your space. This means scraping off any residue, peeling paint, or flakes. If you haven’t inspected the walls in a bit, be sure to check for any mold or easy-to-miss cracks. 

If you run into any cracks, fill them in with caulk. Then, scrape the excess so it lies flat to the wall and sand. 

Pick Ideal Weather Conditions

To make sure your paint sticks fully, wait for dry weather. If the humidity in your area is too high, it can cause paint to drip. Or, worse, your paint can dry slowly, setting your project back by several days. 

Choose Materials Wisely

The more you invest in your project, the higher quality you will have. Go for high-quality brushes and paint to avoid streaks. 

When you paint evenly and smoothly the first time, you’ll cut down on your project’s time. 

Painting Your Office Conference Room

To revamp your office space after a long year of working in make-shift conditions at home, invest in your office conference room. You’ll not only feel refreshed by going into a bright, clean space but inspired to tackle new projects, too. 

If you’re in a time crunch, be sure to check out commercial painting services to help you ease back into office life stress-free! Plus, some companies offer free estimates to help you get started.

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