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When seeking WFH office colors or colors for a home office to store your important documents, deciding the best color for the wall can play to your advantage. Most of us are not interior designers, so it takes ideas and creativity to make your home office work for you.

The colors you choose will affect how well your space feels. This is thanks to color psychology. That means your creativity, energy, and focus can be affected by choosing the wrong color to stimulate your brain.

Wonder what is the best color for a home office? Keep reading to find out!

Shades of Gray

In 2020, gray was chosen as the most popular color to paint walls with. It’s easy to see why.

Gray is considered a very modern color that brings sophistication and works well with a productive workspace. In terms of finding the right colors, using a cold shade of gray can make it easy for your mind to wander.

Try using a warmer gray that will ease your mind, letting you take charge of your tasks of the day. Plus as gray is a neutral color, it makes it easy to decorate the office with this home office painting.

Blues of All Kinds

Blue is a popular color to place on walls throughout the home, so why not also use it as the best wall color for a small home office?

For an office that is very comforting, a blue-gray tone will work out well for you. If you want a color that is eye-catching and will make you feel collected mentally, a pale blue will do the job.


Nature is covered with greenery, so it makes sense to bring a color promoting harmony, strong senses of balance, reassurance into your working space. It has also been touted as a great wall color for concentrating on your tasks at hand.

When combined with blue, green can bring up mindfulness when you step through the office doors. A dark green will make the room feel dramatic. Meanwhile, a bright green will zap you with energy and productive playfulness.

Gold and silver furnishings or white will make the wall color pop.


White acts as a great springboard for your ideas, making it the best wall color for productivity. Since it is automatically light, it will brighten up your space while also making it appear clean and less visually distracting.

For the best results, paint your home office walls with a warm white. This ensures your eyes will not grow tired and stay soft throughout the day. It will also make any documents or decorations in the space stand out more than with other colors.

Soft Pinks, Corals, or Peach

If you are a creative person or are seeking the unconventional, pinks such as soft pinks are known as the best wall color for creativity. The great thing about these colors is that these variations of pink help improve your focus and boost overall concentration and creativity. Try a shade like a light salmon for a mellow effect or a vibrant pink to bring inspiration.

Great furnishings to decorate your office alongside those home office paint colors are gold finishes and natural woods. Let the playful personality inside you shine!


Yellow is not reserved for the sun outside your window — it can have a place in the office.

If your home office is currently feeling drab and uninspired, you need a color that will make it seem innovative, happy, and exciting to work in like a beautiful yellow. Because of its bright hue, it gives anyone who steps inside it optimism, energy, and creative mind space

Make sure that light items show up often around the space. Also, buy lamps with ambient light to soften the space up and make it more comfortable for your eyes.


It may not be the first choice you think of as an option for WFH office colors, but it is time to think again. Brown is associated with serenity, strength in the self, warmth, and reliability.

A matte brown will reduce the amount of glare your wall paint reflects off of light and make the room softer than it would have if the paint had a sheen. Brown-like tones such as hazelnut bring ambiance to a space. On the other hand, mid-tone browns will soothe your mind when your mind is whirling about the next Zoom meeting you have to do for your job

What is the Best Color for a Home Office Answered

The power of color is evident when you decorate your home — why should it be any different for your home office space?

From making it a calming space to increasing your productivity, it is necessary to think hard about what type of experience you want to have.

The home office color schemes that you choose will either make or break how stylish and effective your home office and its design impact will be. The next time you ask “What is the best color for a home office?”, take a look at these office color combination ideas and choose the colors working best for your needs.

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