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Is it time to paint your teenager’s bedroom? Usually, by the time kids are teenagers, they have a strong idea of what colors and styles they’d prefer for their bedroom, but some need more help.

A bold and fun wall color is an easy way to personalize a room, and your teen will love choosing their favorite shade to help make the room their own.

With some help and guidance from you, your teen can select the perfect hue to create personal space for them to spend their much-needed downtime in.

If you and your teen need some inspiration on choosing bedroom paint colors, we’re here to help. Here are eight shades to choose from.

1. Purple

Purple is a popular bedroom wall color among teen girls, and it’s very versatile too.

Depending on the desired look, purple can be chosen in shades to give the bedroom anything from a romantic to a modern feel. For a glamorous and sophisticated style, team a deep and rich shade of purple with dark-accented furniture and snazzy art-deco light fixtures.

A lavender bedroom looks beautiful with whitewashed furniture and light billowy fabrics to offer a calming and dreamy ambiance. A grey color scheme also works magnificently with lavender walls, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere while retaining a feminine flair.

Or, the use of metallic accents or decoration welcomes a funky industrial vibe for a unique feel.

2. Brown

To paint a teen boy’s room, you can’t go wrong with a warm brown or neutral beige. Choose eye-catching accents in orange, green, or blue to add a dose of fun to the room.

For girls, a warm brown can also create a restful and inviting room. To make the space feminine, use bright pink and purple decorations and accessories. That way you can add some style and create some interest.

3. Black

Black doesn’t have to be a moody bedroom shade. A jet black can be used in ways that will create a look that’s stylish enough to appeal to your son or daughter without looking too bleak, dreary, or dismal.

For a sophisticated space, try painting one wall as a focal point. The one behind the headboard of the bed could work well in this situation. Then, the black accent wall can work as an anchor for more vibrant colors used in the room.

4. Soft Blue

Some teens are drawn to neutral or paler shades for their bedroom, which can help the room appear larger than it is. A girl’s room painted in a gentle blue or even green can still appear pretty without being ‘too girly’.

The powder blue walls will look dreamy teamed with accents and furniture in pops of green, purple, and pink, adding a dose of charm and allure to the space.

A pale yet bright tiffany blue is a refreshing and vibrant shade that’s both cool and comforting at the same time. It instills glamor, class, and elegance into the bedroom for an easy feminine feel.

For a boy’s room, a bluey grey shade works well with dark or unpainted furniture.

5. White

White doesn’t have to be boring. If your teen is overwhelmed with bright colors, then consider white walls.

A clean, crisp white offers a modern and stylish feel to a bedroom. Contrast the walls with bold and bright shades of colors like orange or blue, along with funky geometric patterns to inject some fun into an otherwise simple room.

Or, consider an off white. Any vibrant color when mixed with white delivers a soft and calming appeal, like very subtle pinkish-white walls. It creates a way to use eye-catching furnishings while also offering an inviting and comforting feel.

6. Yellow

Yellow is popular among teenager bedroom colors. A gentle, muted yellow that envelopes a bedroom creates a dainty and relaxing refuge for your teen while retaining an element of fun.

Or, provide a happy and optimistic environment with a warm, sunny shade of yellow.

7. Navy

For a more dramatic feel, paint your teen’s bedroom using a deep navy-blue hue.

While navy is a great bedroom shade for both genders, it’s a favorite among teenage boys and a rich navy or cobalt blue pairs wonderfully with accents in green or brown.

Or, for a beachy nautical theme, create contrast with white shades on the furnishings and decorations.

8. Pink

Some teenagers still love the color pink but may be ready to upgrade the shade.

Try choosing deep pink or salmon walls and decorating the room with decorations in vivid shades of green, purple, yellow. The modern and stylish furniture can help prevent a teenager’s pink bedroom from looking too babyish or frilly.

Or, a vivacious coral hue offers an exciting backdrop for other accent colors in the room. It brings out the mesmerizing patterns, colors, and textures of a room, making it ideal for a boisterous, young, and free-spirited teen.

Decorating With These Bedroom Paint Colors

We hope our list of fun bedroom paint colors gives you and your teenager some inspiration.

If you’re still stuck on what to choose, then the safest option to choose is something neutral. It’s a calming and relaxing palette that can grow with your teen up to adulthood. Plus, it can easily be transformed and stylized with different accents, furniture, and decorations.

Remember, time flies so fast as parents so take the opportunity to do meaningful activities with your children – like painting their bedroom together.

When you’re ready to grab the brushes, be sure to avoid these five common painting mistakes.

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