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When you want to freshen up your office with a coat of paint, you can save the effort by hiring reliable painters. You can invest in the services of the best commercial painter that helps you to get satisfactory results for your painting project.

While there are many companies available, you want to be certain you’re doing business with a quality service you trust.

Consider these important factors before hiring a painting contractor.

1. Choosing an Undertone 

The first rule of choosing white paint is to understand the different undertones. White isn’t just white. There are cool whites, warm whites, and pure white.


Cool White

Cool whites usually have a slight blue or green undertone. It’s a good option to go with if you’re already using a bunch of other cool colors in a room.

It’s great in rooms that have a lot of natural sunlight coming in. The warm sunlight balances out the cool colors. If you have a lot of bold art pieces in a room, cool whites can help bring more attention to them.

Warm White

Warm white contains an undertone of yellow or red. It can bring a welcoming warmth into any room that you use it in. It goes well in rooms that already have a bunch of warm decor.

It’s also a good choice for rooms that have a lot of natural furnishings such as wood.

Pure White

If you’re trying to go for classic white, pure white is going to be the closest you’ll get. It has little to no undertones.

Since it’s so close to the classic white color it will be easy for you to match accent colors and decor to it.

2. Can You Use the Same White in Every Room?

The answer here is that you shouldn’t. Each of the white colors we discussed above will look completely different depending on the lighting in the room it’s in. Again, cool light goes well in rooms that see a bunch of natural light. Pure white is also a good option for rooms that rely on natural light.

If you use white lights in a room the perfect thing to offset that would be warm white. Cool white would be too much of a strain on the eyes.

This doesn’t mean that you have to use a different white in every room in your house mind you. The same shade might work in multiple places. Check out each of your rooms to see which would go best where.

3. Consider Your Decor

If you’re not sure how to match the light with paint, you can look to your decor. What do you have going on in the room? If your couches are a natural brown color and you have a lot of wooden furniture then warm white will be your best bet.

If you’ve got a lot of cooler furnishings then using white that has slight blue undertones is fine. You should also consider the light that your lamps cast. Is it warm or cool light?

As stated above if your light fixtures use a lot of cool lights then using cool or pure white will be too much on the eyes.

4. Choosing a Finish

No paint is complete without some kind of finish. You want to hold off on having too much sheen on your walls. Go with a flat finish if possible.

A flat finish will absorb light and show off the natural color of the paint you chose. The problem is that smudges show up easily on it so it’s not the finish you want to choose if you have pets and children.

If you have pets and children or have a lot of high-traffic areas in your home then it may be best for you to go with an eggshell or satin finish. It doesn’t take much effort to clean them.

5. Using White as Trim

You don’t have to paint your entire walls in white. There is nothing wrong with using it as a trim. If you’re going to use white paint for this purpose then you should go with the purest white you can find.

This is because it will be easier for you to find it again when the paint chips and you need to do touchups.

6. Test Different Shades

Whatever you do, you want to test out different shades before choosing. You’ll never know how the light is going to make a color look until you try it in the room. This being said, you don’t have to paint sections of your walls in different shades of white.

Pick up as many color swatches as your arms can carry and hold them against the wall so you can compare them.

7. Bring in the Professionals

If you do all of this and still can’t find a shade that you like, it may be time for you to consult the professionals. Don’t be afraid to get advice from the person standing behind the paint counter.

If you’re having a painting company come in to do your walls, you can ask them for their opinion too.

Getting the Perfect White Paint

There is more to painting your walls white then going to the store and grabbing a bucket of paint. There are different shades you’ll have to consider if you want to find the perfect white for the rooms in your home. Use these tips to get started on your house painting project.

One surefire way to get the best results out of your painting project is to call in professionals to handle it. Contact The Painting Company San Diego today to request your free quote.

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