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Did you know that you should repaint your walls every 2-7 years?

If you’re remodeling or it’s time to repaint, you need to figure out what the best colors for your home are. This can be an overwhelming decision with how many options are out there today.

Below we will review some of the best interior paint trends for 2020. We hope this article will help make your job of deciding on the paint colors you need much easier!

1. First Light (2102-70) by Benjamin Moore

First Light is a soft but rosy shade of pink. When you walk into a room this color helps to give you a sense of comfort and positivity.
The best locations to use this color are in dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.
This paint pairs well with soft grays, whites, pale yellows, and cornflower blue. Combine with light to medium wood furniture and flooring to complete the look.

2. Naval (SW 6244) by Sherman Williams

Naval is a rich and dark navy blue. It gives you a sense of relaxation as you feel like you’re staring at the night sky.

Naval works in most rooms of your home. Your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, and living room are all fair game.
Naval works well with white or off-white. Accent with light to medium wood furniture and flooring, or porcelain flooring.

You can put items with a splash of bright orange or pale yellow in the room alongside this color to give it a bit of brightness and life.

3. Romance (SW 6323) by Sherwin-Williams

Romance is a pale and warm shade of pink, bordering on peach. This hue helps your home feel open and inviting.

This color works great in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

This hue pairs well with hunter green, teal, white, shades of gray, burnt red, pale blues, and light to medium wood.

4. Chinese Porcelain (PPG1160-6) by PPG

Chinese Porcelain is a darker and paler shade of blue with violet undertones. It’s not as bold as Naval. This hue is a combination of moody and cobalt blue.

This paint helps melt away your anxiety and gives you a sense of calm. This color is perfect for bedrooms as it helps you get a better night’s sleep.
This serene color also works in hallways and living rooms.

Pair Chinese Porcelain with soft grays, white, off-white, and medium wood. Add a splash of color with pale yellows, orange, and shades of pink.

5. Back to Nature (S340-4) by Behr

Back to Nature is a sage green color. This hue brings you back to spring when the meadows are coming to life and the flowers are in full bloom. It helps connect you to nature giving you a sense of peace and tranquility.

It’s great to use in living rooms, bathrooms, offices, and bedrooms.

Combine this hue with dark greens, white, soft grays, warm pinks, browns, blues, beige, and medium to dark wood. You can also pair it with other colors in the Restore palette.

6. Rumba Orange (M230-7) by Behr

Rumba Orange is a warm and vibrant orange. It gives you the sense of a rugged landscape. This hue helps you feel awake and motivated.

As it’s great for boosting motivation, this color works well if you own a business too. It creates an uplifting and productive environment for your employees.

In your home, use this color in rooms where you want to feel productive. For example, kitchens, offices, workout rooms, and living rooms.
This paint works well with white, off-white, beige, pale greens, and medium wood. It can also be combined with the colors in the Worldhood palette.

7. Secluded Garden (5002-4A) by Valspar

Secluded Garden is a pale greenish-blue color.

It makes your space feel new and fresh. It gives you a calming feeling as if you were sitting in a meadow. Spread some flowers around the room to give it a real garden feel.

This color is great for dining rooms and hallways. Pair this hue with shades of white, marsh green, beige, pale red, browns, villa blue, and medium to dark wood.

8. Bombay Pink (1006-8B) by Valspar

Bombay Pink is a muted yet pale shade of pink. This hue helps give you a cheerful and positive outlook. It also helps to brighten up rooms.

Bombay Pink is best for offices, living rooms, and bathrooms.

This hue pairs well with shades of white, light gray, and light to medium wood. Place gold accents around the room to help elevate the color.

9. Bleached Coral (P 115-1 U) by Pantone

Last on the list is Bleached Coral. This pale blue color will give you a sense of peace. It makes your space feel calm and cozy. At the same time, it helps open up your mind and aids your ability to think critically.

On top of that, this color comes with an environmental message. This color was inspired by the color coral reefs change to as they die. If you’re into the environment and highlighting awareness of climate change, this color is for you.

Use this color in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Bleached Coral works well with light coral, aqua, light tan, and medium to dark wood.

Best Interior Paint Colors for 2020

That concludes our list of the best interior paint colors for 2020. You are now armed with the knowledge you need to pick the paint that suits your purposes and tastes. It’s time to get painting!

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