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Colors pervade everything that we do as human beings. They influence the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and we even use them to make food look more inviting. We see colors used in everyday items like school uniforms, team jerseys, business brands, traffic/road signs, and country flags. Colors are used to create identity, communicate messages, and stimulate desire.

Yet when most homeowners choose the colors that they paint their homes in they never think to use the colors as a tool to market the property. If colors affect people’s behavior in simple matters, such as buying a soda, how much more will colors influence how people make choices about where they live? As a homeowner, if you are not deploying colors to improve the appeal of your home to potential buyers, North County Property Group in San Diego says you are missing out.

The effects of colors on the human mind are well-documented. We know that colors – which are actually different wavelengths of visible light – can interact with our minds in a way that evokes different emotions inside us. Some colors can make people aggressive, while others will calm them, and yet others can make them more communicative, social, or creative.

When selling a house, knowing which colors to deploy in a specific room will help make that room more alluring to buyers. A bedroom that makes you want to curl up in bed, a kitchen that invites you to cook a dish and chat away with your friend, and a hypnotically relaxing bathroom. These are the kinds of effects you can create in your home by using the right colors in the rooms.

And the best thing about colors is that they do all these without us ever being aware of their influence. Colors’ power on the mind is subtle, yet unrelenting. Color moves us without imposing and people find themselves embracing colors without being coerced. This is why color is such a perfect tool for increasing the appeal of a home that is on sale and boosting its sales price.


This is based on what has been shown to work in various areas of the home. As you will see, for most rooms, shades of blue and gray seem to be the most favored colors. Different shades of blue had varying levels of impact on specific areas of the home. Below we explain the colors which make a home more attractive to the point that buyers are willing to pay more for it.


So, which colors can help you do this?


The best colors to paint the home exterior if you want to accelerate its sale and boost the sales price is greige. Greige is a mixture of light gray and beige. Homes that had their exterior painted in shades of greige rather than tan, beige or white, which used to be popular, performed better.


Front door

The color of the front door should complement the colors of the exterior walls to create a fuller impact. The best performing colors for front doors and entranceways are navy blue to dark gray. Black and charcoal gray also had a good impact on sales. For homeowners who find these colors too dark, deep plum, rich green, and classic red are alternatives.


The most favored colors for kitchens are light blue to soft gray-blue. Yellow used to be the most desired color for kitchens, a few years ago. Although still somewhat popular, its attractiveness is waning. But the color never to paint your kitchen is red. Kitchens that were painted in this color performed the worst.


Living room  

There is a deviation from the popular trend in the living room. Rather than shades of blue or gray, the most attractive colors for the living room are soft colors of the brown spectrum: light beige, pale taupe, and oatmeal. Generally, in the living room, neutrals like grays, beige, and light browns are best.



Blue has always been the preferred color for bedrooms due to its calming effect. And that trend has not changed, with cool shades of blue as the most-liked colors for bedrooms. The two shades of blue that get the most response from buyers are various tones of soft cerulean and cadet blue.


Dining room and corridors

In hallways and dining rooms, neutral colors that help to connect and blend the rooms are best. For the dining room, the best color is pale gray-blue and navy blue. For passageways, soft neutral colors work well, especially if the area has décor that adds a pop of color to the space.



In the bathroom, blue and purple hues are the colors that dominate. The shades of blue with the most visible impact on the sales price in the bathroom are powder blue to periwinkle. Generally, lighter shades of blue and purple were most favored in the bathroom.


So there you have it; paint colors that will help you increase the value of your homes.

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