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Approximately 73.9 million Americans live within a community that has an HOA. Changing the permeant features of your house can be challenging or simply impractical. However, can you change your exterior paint color?

Don’t worry, with this guide; you can find out! From consulting the HOA to appealing their decision, you can learn how to choose a color that will be approved.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at a few HOA painting guidelines:

First, What Is the HOA?  

Before we jump into painting guidelines, let’s first look at what an HOA is. An HOA or Homeowners Association is created to maintain the community in regards to upkeep and security. 

HOA’s are known for being highly restrictive. For example, in some communities, there are restrictions on the type of mailbox you can purchase or the type of paint you can select. 

However, why do these rules exist? Why does the HOA want to control details such as paint color? Here’s why: the HOA wants to ensure that each house looks as if it’s part of the community. 

In particular, HOA is determined to use these aesthetics as marketing tools to entice potential buyers. Thus, not only are these rules for the upkeep of each house, but they are created to increase the purchase of properties. 

Consult with your HOA   

Now, due to HOA policy, if you’re interested in painting the exterior of your home, you must first consult the HOA. This may involve setting up a time and date to talk to the HOA about your color selection. 

Most HOA’s requires information about the color you selected, like its name, the brand it’s from, and even requests a color swatch. You may have to include other information like the last time your house was painted as well as the color you chose.

Depending on the HOA record requirements, you might even have to provide the painting company you hired and include the date and approximate time your house will be painted. 

If the color and additional information meet the HOA guidelines, then your color will be approved; if not, then it will be rejected. 

Here’s a pro tip: since the HOA has an invested interest in making sure all houses look aesthetically pleasing, crazy colors like purple, pink, or orange are not usually accepted. Typically, neutral tones are approved since it makes all houses look part of a community. 

Although depending on your HOA, they might have a booklet, or a list of approved paint colors, that way; you don’t have to consult anyone. Instead, you can just choose one of those colors rather than go through the lengthy process of getting your color choice approved. 

Why Compliance Is Important

If you don’t follow the rules of HOA, there will be consequences, the biggest one being: a fine. While it’s true, HOA fines vary based on location, and community type, however; on average, fines start at around $50 then increase to $100 if you don’t pay or if the violation is still ongoing.

Not only is it easier if you simply comply with the rules, but it’s cost-effective. After all, you wouldn’t have to pay the fines and the cost of getting your home repainted.

Compliance also comes into effect if the HOA wants you to repaint your house due to chipping, old paint, or a new community color scheme. If you don’t repaint with the color the HOA has selected, fines are likely to be drawn.

After all, the HOA is in place to enforce community guidelines. One of the guidelines being that each house presents itself as part of the whole community.

Therefore, the exterior color choice should show little to no individual significance. Instead, it should match the community’s overall theme.

Appealing a Rejected Request

If your color request gets rejected, don’t fret, there are different ways you can appeal it. After all, the HOA-approved color choices are only strongly suggested; they aren’t set in stone.

If you notice the paint selections haven’t been updated or altered in a few years, talk to the HOA about it and see what they say. Who knows, they might agree and approve more modern color choices like the one you chose.

However, if they still reject the request, you can appeal either by changing minor details or incorporating some of the approved colors into your color scheme. That way, what you change isn’t too visible to the eye for guests and potential buyers to see. Instead, overall your house looks like it fits in even though there are a few unique specifications.

Use These HOA Painting Guidelines  

It’s strongly suggested and even recommended that you use the HOA’s approved paint colors. If you go against the HOA painting guidelines without communicating with the HOA, you’ll likely be fined. 

However, in some situations, you don’t have to pick the exact color scheme the HOA lays out if you don’t want to. If you want to add some diversity to your color choices, simply communicate with your HOA about changing your color selection. 

Although, don’t assume they will be okay with it. Instead, add in some approved colors to make the overall theme of your house fit in with the rest of your community.

Once you’ve chosen your paint colors, hire an experienced painting company to paint your home. Here at the Painting Company, we have top-rated professionals who can give your home a new style simply based on your budget. 

Whether it be styling exteriors or polished interiors, contact us today to get a free quote. We look forward to helping you! 

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