January 20, 2019

Preparing for Professional Exterior House Painting Contractors

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How To Prepare for Your House Painters

Having a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home is not only a great way to give your home a facelift but also one of the easiest upgrades to help enhance your home’s curb appeal. Since the exterior of your home is what will make the first impression, you want to make sure that you are making the right one. Hiring a professional painting contractor can help you achieve that goal.

Once you have made the decision to hire a house painting company to update the exterior of your home, you should make a few preparations to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that you achieve the desired results. Not only will these preparatory steps help you to achieve a better look, but they will also increase the longevity of the work.

Give the Exterior a Good Wash

Damage to the exterior of your home can be hard to diagnose when a layer of dirt and grime has accumulated on the exterior of your home due to its exposure to the elements. Before the painters arrive, make sure to wash the exterior from top to bottom all around your house. This will help expose any issues that need to be addressed before painting can begin.

If you want to save some time, you can rent or borrow a pressure washer to get the job done quicker and more effectively. When washing the exterior, you will not need to add any cleaning products unless you detect mold or have severe or stubborn stains.

Starting with a clean surface will help your paint to adhere better when applied. Make sure that you clean the exterior one to two days before your scheduled painting so that your house has time to properly dry.

Scrape Away Any Peeling Paint

Once your exterior has had time to dry, you will want to remove any loose or flaking paint. All you will need is your paint scraper and a little elbow grease to be able to remove the excess paint and provide your painters with a smooth surface to paint. Do not perform this step until your home has been given ample time to dry. If you scrape too soon, you will likely have to redo the job.

Fill in Cracks and Seams

Once your home has been washed and the excess paint has been removed, you will likely be able to see areas that are in need of repair. Give your home’s exterior a thorough inspection and note any cracks in window and door seams that need to be repaired.

Fill these cracks and voids with a little bit of caulking, making sure to wipe any excess with a damp rag or towel. Make sure that you don’t seal any openings that are required for ventilation purposes.

Address Any Additional Repairs

If you notice any rotted or damaged siding, it should be replaced before new exterior paint is applied. You should also check to make sure that all clapboard, stairs, and overhangs are properly repaired and safe.

Trim the Area Around the House

If you have bushes, plants, or trees around the exterior of your house, be sure to trim them back so that the workers will have enough room to easily maneuver around your house. Also, make sure that the area is cleared of any hazards to provide them with a safe work environment.

Benefits of Using a Professional Painting Contractor

Trusting professionals to paint your home’s exterior is the best way to ensure quality work and a stress-free project.

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When you are ready to embark on your San Diego exterior painting project, make sure to choose a company that you can trust to provide you with the highest quality of service. 

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from exterior house painting companies:

Professional Service and Quality Results

While it may seem like painting is an easy task, the results guaranteed by a trusted painting contractor will far outshine what most homeowners can achieve with a DIY approach. Not only do professional painters have all of the right tools for the job, but they also have the know-how to address any problems that arise and provide you with a high-quality finished product.

Structural Stability

When you use exterior house painting contractors, they can spot decay and rot that can wreak havoc on your housing structure. Even a small weakness can drastically impact your home if left unaddressed. Professional painters can identify any issues and inform you of them. They also know how to lower your risk of water vapor, which can seep into your home through structural imperfections and lead to dangerous rot or mold growth.

Better Color and Pattern Options

Professionals painters stay on top of trends in the area and can help you find the perfect exterior colors and finishes that will give you the updated look that you are trying to achieve. Not only can they give you advice regarding the best color options for your home, but they can also provide recommendations for more cost-effective alternatives. Plus, they have access to paint options that can keep your paint job looking newer for longer, such as formulas designed to withstand ultra-violet rays and other weather conditions.

Improved Safety

A professional painting company will work hard to provide its employees with the right training, tools, safety equipment, and certifications to ensure a safe work environment. Because of this attention to detail, your job can be completed with a reduced risk of accidents.

Assistance With Your Surface Preparation

If your project requires additional or complex preparation, a professional painting service can help. They can assist you with rot repairs, sanding surfaces, patching, and sometimes even minor carpentry work to ensure that the surface is properly prepped and repaired before they begin painting.

Timely Project Completion

By hiring professional painting contractors, San Diego homeowners can rest assured that their project will be handled by a team that will work together to get the job done on time. You are only likely to suffer a major delay if significant repairs are needed due to decay or rot.

Better Cleanliness and Longevity

When you hire a house painting San Diego company for your exterior paint project, you know the team will leave you with a beautiful and clean exterior that is free of chips, flakes, dirt, and debris. You also will have peace of mind knowing that higher quality materials were used to maximize the longevity of your paint job.

Proper Material Disposal

Leftover paint, paint flakes, and chips all require proper disposal and cannot simply be thrown in the trash. Your painting contractor will know all the requirements for disposal and be able to remove any leftover product or materials without you ever having to worry about it.

Reduced Stress

When you hire a professional team to make sure the job is done right, you will feel immediate stress relief. You know that not only will the company have the right materials, skills, and certifications, but they will also be insured in the event that an accident occurs. By choosing a professional, you know that you will get a better outcome than attempting a DIY project.

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